Meet the Cast of Miss Scarlet & The Duke (2023)

Want to know more about the stars ofMiss Scarlet & The Duke? We’re on the case! Learn more about the cast of the upcoming MASTERPIECE Mystery! series, including aPeaky Blindersstar, a familiarDownton Abbeyface, and other returning MASTERPIECE stars!

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    Kate Phillips as Eliza Scarlet

    Meet the Cast of Miss Scarlet & The Duke (1)

    The Role: Kate Phillips is Eliza Scarlet, the incomparable heroine of the series. In Victorian London, a female detective is something that is simply unheard of — but Eliza isn’t one to take no for an answer. She’s been raised to keep an eye out for every kind of clue, and when her father suddenly passes, it’s up to Eliza to use those skills to keep his business going — and keep herself afloat (with a little reluctant help from her friend, the Duke, of course).

    “What’s so brilliant about Eliza is that she gives this appearance of being a very refined Victorian lady and, to some extent, she is that,” Phillips said. “But she’s as scrappy and feisty as any woman today and I totally love her for that. She’s so resilient and strong spirited and she’s making her way in a world where the odds are stacked against her.”

    Butting Heads with The Duke: Eliza and William “The Duke” Wellington may go back years and years, thanks to Henry Scarlet once serving as a mentor to the young Wellington, but that doesn’t always mean that Eliza and William get along. “The Duke is a man of the Victorian era. He’s grown up not recognizing women to have any agency.”

    Thus, Eliza doing detective work definitely irks him — but that doesn’t deter her from going to him with theories, clues, and questions. “What’s great about her is that she kind of whips him into shape and that’s the kind of the tussle that they have throughout the whole series – where she’s trying to prove to herself, and to him, that she’s capable.”

    Where You’ve Seen Her Before: Before her days solving crime and endlessly irking the Duke as Eliza Scarlet, Phillips made a name for herself in popular series such as Peaky Blinders (as Linda Shelby and The Crown (as Venetia Scott). MASTERPIECE fans, however, may be even better acquainted with her work — Phillips starred as Jane Seymour in Wolf Hall (which was, fun fact, her first ever audition!), as Tillie Seigler in My Mother and Other Strangers, and most recently appeared in the Downton Abbey movie as Princess Mary, who forms a connection with one Tom Branson.

    Was she a fan of Downton Abbey before appearing in the post-series movie? “Yes, absolutely. I watched it at home with my family and then when I was away at university with friends,” she told EW. “I had a real shivery experience of walking alone towards [Highclere Castle] to shoot my scene and I couldn’t believe that I was doingDownton.It was crazy!”

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    Stuart Martin as William "The Duke" Wellington

    Meet the Cast of Miss Scarlet & The Duke (2)

    The Role: Stuart Martin plays William “The Duke” Wellington, a rough and tough Scotland Yard Inspector who lives and breathes his work — and believes that only a man can do the work of a detective properly. But his old friend Eliza Scarlet is determined to prove him wrong, and he is determined not to admit that maybe she does have some sleuthing skills, after all…

    The Duke and Miss Scarlet: “When Henry dies there’s a real protection that Duke feels towards Eliza, a protective nature, but as we progress there’s no doubting the connection and spark between them,” Martin teased about the relationship between the two main characters. “It’s complicated and they wind each other up, so that is a continuing theme throughout the show.”

    As he told The Scotsman in one interview, “They’re like two magnets, pulled together and pushed apart. He drives her mental, she drives him mental and that keeps it interesting.”

    Where You’ve Seen Him Before: Martin is perhaps best known for his work on a number of television series, including his three season run on Jamestown as Silas Sharrow, for his role as Lorenzo on Medici, and his role on the limited series Babylon. His talents, however, don’t just stop at traditional on-screen roles — Martin has leant his vocal talents to a number of popular video games, including Assassin’s Creed, Dreamfall Chapters, and Ryse: Son of Rome.

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    Cathy Belton as Ivy

    Meet the Cast of Miss Scarlet & The Duke (3)

    The Role: Cathy Belton plays Ivy, the Scarlet family’s housekeeper and somewhat of a mother figure to Eliza. Like any great housekeeper, Ivy is quick to realize the state that the Scarlets are in, and the peril that Mr. Scarlet’s business faces. She does what she can to be part housekeeper, part parent to Eliza after the death of her father, but impulsive Eliza isn’t exactly the best at listening to her advice…

    Where You’ve Seen Her Before: Prior to her days on Miss Scarlet & The Duke, Belton was best known for her work in the award-winning film Philomena, alongside Judi Dench, and for starring roles in series such as Red Rock and The Woman in White.

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    Andrew Gower as Rupert Parker

    Meet the Cast of Miss Scarlet & The Duke (4)

    The Role: Andrew Gower plays Rupert Parker, a quirky, nervous oddball from a wealthy family, who, despite his mother’s best efforts, hasn’t found himself a wife — and may not want to. It turns out, the mild mannered Rupert may have a few things in common with Eliza Scarlet, and the two independent thinkers strike up a unique friendship along the way.

    Where You’ve Seen Him Before: If you’re an eagle-eyed MASTERPIECE fan, you may recognize Gower from his appearance in the fifth and final season of Poldark as James Hadfield, whose attempt to assassinate King George III was foiled by none other than Ross Poldark himself. Gower also made a name for himself in the second season of Outlander as the “Bonnie Prince” Charles Stuart, as well as in other series such as Carnival Row and Being Human (alongside Poldark star Aidan Turner and Flesh and Blood star Russell Tovey).

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    Ansu Kabia as Moses

    Meet the Cast of Miss Scarlet & The Duke (5)

    The Role: Ansu Kabia plays Moses, a shady crook that causes some trouble for Eliza when she first starts out. But could the imposing, street-wise Moses prove to be the perfect ally for Eliza Scarlet as she seeks to solve crimes in London’s underworld?

    Where You’ve Seen Him Before: Fans may recognize Kabia from his roles in films such as Murder on the Orient Express and Last Christmas, or perhaps from TV roles in series such as I May Destroy You and Casualty. Miss Scarlet & The Duke, however, is not Kabia’s first MASTERPIECE role — the actor also had roles in World on Fire as Eddie Knight, and in The Long Song.

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    Kevin Doyle as Henry Scarlet

    Meet the Cast of Miss Scarlet & The Duke (6)

    The Role: Kevin Doyle plays Henry Scarlet, a retired police officer, father to Eliza Scarlet and the original Scarlet detective in the family. Before his untimely death, Mr. Scarlet ran his business into some trouble — leaving Eliza to pick up the pieces after his death if she wants a way to survive without resorting to marriage. Though his death marks the start of Eliza’s journey, his memory often guides her as she navigates London’s mysteries…

    Where You’ve Seen Him Before: Most notably, MASTERPIECE fans will remember Doyle as Downton Abbey’s very own Mr. Molesley, a role he played for all six seasons of the series and later reprised in the feature film. On top of his Downton days, Doyle has also appeared in a number of series including Happy Valley, The Tudors and Silent Witness.

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    Danny Midwinter as Detective Inspector Frank Jenkins

    Meet the Cast of Miss Scarlet & The Duke (7)

    The Role: Danny Midwinter plays Detective Inspector Frank Jenkins, partner and official sidekick to The Duke at Scotland Yard. Unlike Wellington, however, Frank doesn’t quite live and breathe his job, and wouldn’t qualify as the hardest worker on the team. But when Eliza Scarlet starts working on solving crimes in the city, will Frank’s job be in danger?

    Where You’ve Seen Him Before: Before his days on Miss Scarlet & The Duke, Midwinter was known for roles in a number of films and TV series, including Casualty, EastEnders, Dream Team and more.

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