Top 10 SAFe Agilist Certification Exam Practice Questions (2023)

All our life we have known that knowledge is power. It’s an undisputed adage. However, in the present-day cut-throat competitive world, knowledge needs to be proved through certifications. Recruiters believe that if a candidate is holding a specific certificate that means he has knowledge in that field. Just like a SAFe Certification would prove that you have the knowledge of SAFe as well as the required potential to work in a SAFe environment.

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However, to earn certification you need to clear the certification exam. And for that smart planning and preparation are essential. The SAFe Agilist Certification exam comes with 45 multiple choice questions which should be solved within 90 minutes. The test demands a minimum of 34 correct answers to get it cleared and earn the credential. This mandates thorough preparation and expert guidance from a qualified trainer.

Moreover, it would be a plus if you have 5 years of experience in software development or testing, or business analysis. Without the required experience it might be challenging for you to clear the Leading SAFe Certification exam.

Let’s make it easier for you with the following 10 most popular sample questions, solved and explained to provide you with a basic idea of what Scaled Agile Certification exam questions look like.

1. What is the connection between feedback and optimum batch size?

A. Lack of feedback contributes to higher holding cost

B. Feedback and batch size are generally not connected

C. Small batch sizes enable faster feedback with lower transaction costs

D. Large batches reduce transaction costs and provide a higher return oninvestment

Answer: C

Description: The optimal batch size is the balance between transaction cost and holding cost. Transaction cost is the cost of deploying the software into production systems. Holding costs refer to the cost of delay to the business for not releasing a feature earlier. Lack of feedback contributes to higher holding cost.

2. What is one key reason for keeping the test data for automated tests under version control?

A. For reporting and auditing purposes

B. Version control is required for quality standards

C. All enterprise assets must be under version control

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D. If test data gets out of sync, automated tests may not properly execute

Answer: D

Description: You are unable to supervise how to establish Version control and collaborate with product teams to handle advisor team hiring, potential client inquiries, and onboarding. You must have a Version Control Guide to handle Version control and payroll, personnel data administration, customer care call center vendor management, and so on. Your Version Control Toolkit will serve as your guide and will provide you with a strategy. This will help keep test data synchronized.

3. What is the primary goal of decentralized decision-making?

A. Reduce Cost of Delay

B. Resolve dependencies

C. Enable faster flow of value

D. Increase alignment

Answer: C

Description: Achieving fast value delivery requires decentralized decision-making. This reduces delays, improves product development flow, enables faster feedback, and creates more innovative solutions designed by those closest to the local knowledge.

4. What does SAFe® Principle #3, "Assume variability; preserve options," enable?

A. Better economic results

B. Specification traceability

C. Up front design of systems

D. Stronger Definition of Done

Answer: A

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Description: Variability is neither beneficial nor harmful in and of itself. The economics of the time and kind of variability, rather, define the value of the outcomes. An emphasis on reducing variability too fast promotes a risk-aversion culture in which individuals believe they can't make errors and learn what works and what doesn't.

A superior technique, according to SAFe Principle #3, is Set-Based Design (SBD) or Set-Based Concurrent Engineering (SBCE). Developers use this strategy to cast a larger design net at first, evaluating numerous design options. Following that, they continually analyze economic and technological trade-offs, as demonstrated by objective facts supplied at integration learning points. Then, over time, they reject the weaker possibilities and eventually arrive at a final design based on the knowledge collected up to that point.

This technique leaves as many design possibilities open as feasible, corresponds when necessary, and generates more optimum technical and economic solutions.

5. What is a result of shorter queue lengths?

A. Lower quality

B. Increased risk

C. Less variability

D. Longer cycle times

Answer: C

Description: Lowering queue length saves delays, waste, boosts flow, and improves outcome predictability. This indicates that, regardless of how productive the team is, the larger the queue of committed work awaiting execution by the team, the greater the wait time.

6. Which statement is most accurate about the Program Vision?

A. It expresses the strategic intent of the Program

B. It drives the allocation of budget for the Agile Release Train

C. It summarizes the team PI Objectives for the current Program Increment

D. It provides an outline of the Features for the next three Program Increments

Answer: A

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Description: Program Vision- When implementing Full SAFe or Large Solution SAFe, each ART will most likely have its own vision that details the direction of the specific capabilities or subsystems that it creates. This vision should be inextricably linked to the solution vision that it supports.

7. What Definition of Done is required for the Iteration Review?

A. Release

B. Team Increment

C. System Increment

D. Solution Increment

Answer: B

Description: The iteration review allows the team's stakeholders to offer timely, relevant input on a regular cadence. The iteration review is used to assess the team's progress by presenting working stories to the Product Owner and other stakeholders for input.

8. What is the primary purpose of Strategic Themes?

A. Determine the order in which Epics should be executed

B. Drive incremental implementation across the enterprise

C. Connect the portfolio to the enterprise business strategy

D. Define the sequence of steps used to deliver value to the customer

Answer: C

Description: Strategic themes are distinct business objectives that link a portfolio to the Enterprise strategy. They have an impact on portfolio strategy and give corporate perspective for portfolio decisions.

9. An Epic spanning two PIs was approved for implementation. What is the optimum implementation path from a Lean-Agile perspective?

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A. Implement the Epic across the same number of PIs as it took to develop

B. Report the percentage completed to the key stakeholders at every PI boundary

C. Demonstrate the progress to the key stakeholders after two PIs and have them accept the epic

D. Demonstrate the progress to key stakeholders after the first PI and make a decision on how to proceed with the Epic in the second PI

Answer: D

Description: Business epics are big efforts in SAFe that produce business value and usually span organizational (release trains), time (PIs), or both barriers. It is a critical agile enterprise skill to appropriately assess and sequence business epics for implementation. While it is tempting to think of epics as large, binary, monolithic, committed blobs of work, the fact is that they should be done progressively to reap the benefits of agility. Furthermore, after the technology, advantages, and economics are recognized, some will not merit full implementation because the initial effort gives the majority of the prospective commercial value.

10. What backlog items are part of the Solution Backlog?

A. Benefits

B. Features

C. Capabilities

D. User Stories

Answer: C

Description: The Solution Backlog is a repository for future Capabilities and Enablers, each of which can span numerous ARTs and is meant to progress the Solution and create its architectural runway.

Ending Lines

The above list will give you an idea of the types of questions you have to attempt in the exam center. But, it’s crucial to note that sheer determination and hard work are needed to crack the exam. Stay focused and go through each topic in the SAFe Agilist Certification course to develop a thorough knowledge of SAFe concepts. This would not only make you knowledgeable but also would help you flourish professionally.

A good SAFe Agilist Certification training program and an experienced coach are all you need besides your perseverance and diligence to emerge as a Certified SAFe Agilist. Take several mock tests to become exam prepared. This will also make you aware of the exam pattern.

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What is a passing score for SAFe 5 Agilist exam? ›

For all SAFe® 5 Certified Upgrade exam is as follows: 30 questions, with 60 minutes to complete. Passing score is 73% 22 correct answers out of 30 questions are required to pass.

Which SAFe certification is best 2022? ›

Top Agile Certifications To Get In 2022
  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM) ...
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) ...
  • SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager. ...
  • Professional Scrum Master – I. ...
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) ...
  • ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) ...
  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) ...
  • Agile Scrum Master (ASM)
28 Dec 2021

How difficult is SAFe Agilist exam? ›

To pass, you must answer 34 of the 45 questions correctly. As a result, it is strongly advised that you take the SAFe Agilist exam numerous times until you are confident that you can get at least 90%.

Is SAFe Agilist hard? ›

SAFe Agilist exam is a tough one and not easy to crack, but it is also not impossible to crack the exam.

How many times can you retake the SAFe exam? ›

Applicants must wait 30 days before retaking the test. If an applicant fails their initial test, the test may be retaken two more consecutive times with a 30 day waiting period between each attempt. An applicant who fails three consecutive tests must wait 180 days before retesting. Q.

How long should I study for the SAFe exam? ›

The recommendation is to make sure you are studying at least 20 hours for the SAFE test. This does NOT include your 20+ hours of pre-licensing education.

How much does a SAFe Agilist make? ›

Here is the average salary of a SAFe Agilist based on experience:
Work Experience (In Years)Salary Per Annum ( In USD)
Less than 1$76,000 - $89,000
Between 1 to 4$88,000 - $103,000
Between 5 to 9$100,000 - $116,000
Between 10 to 19$114,000 - $129,000
1 more row

Is SAFe 5 Agilist open book? ›

Attempt the Safe Agilist Exam

It is a “closed book” exam, which means that external materials (including SAFe® websites or training materials) or help cannot be used during the exam. As mentioned above, once the exam starts, it must be finished within 90 minutes.

Does SAFe 5 certification expire? ›

Please keep in mind that all SAFe® certifications are only valid for one year. When your renewal time comes, you'll get an official e-mail from Scaled Agile to renew the certificates. You will have to renew your SAFe certifications after one year, by paying the renewal fee.

How long is SAFe Agilist valid? ›

The SAFe Agilist Certification validity is for one year, starting from the day of the certification. However, the SAFe Agilist Certification validity can be extended at the end of each validation period after a SAFe Agilist Certification renewal fee payment on the Scaled Agile website.

Is SAFe better than Scrum? ›

The main difference between Scrum and SAFe® frameworks is their approach. While Scrum is used to organize small teams, the SAFe® framework is used for organizing a whole organization. A Scrum framework puts more focus on iterative development. It helps the teams to self-organize themselves.

Which is better SAFe or Scrum? ›

The major difference between the two depends on the way they choose to handle their work. In simple words, Scrum is basically used to organise small teams, while SAFe®️ is used to organise the whole organization. Moreover, Scrum tends to miss many important aspects that SAFe®️ manages to contain.

Which Agile certification is easiest? ›

Certified Scrum Master is the recommended Agile certification for beginners who are just starting out. It is the starter kit and will help you build your foundation for Scrum, backlog refinement, sprint planning, sprint demo, product backlog, and many more.

Is SAFe Agilist a scrum master? ›

The SAFe® Scrum Master course equips attendees to coach Agile teams to deliver business value at scale. The course teaches you the tactical skills needed to be an effective Scrum Master in a SAFe organization. It also gives you the guidance and tools necessary for working in remote environments with distributed teams.

Is SAFe Agilist certification worth it? ›

Conclusion. SAFe Agilist Certification is worth it since it helps to facilitate the management of an individual's credentials. It gives access to the wealth of resources, such as professional development, to keep their SAFe knowledge current and relevant.

Is SAFe certificate worth? ›

SAFe stands for Scaled Agile Framework® and is an agile project management methodology that helps guide organizations in scaling and lean agile practices. Like any agile qualification, as SAFe certification is worth it if you plan to move into a SAFe environment.

Can you cheat on SAFe Agile exam? ›

It's not proctored, but "cheating" is frowned upon.

What comes after SAFe Agilist? ›

The SAFe Roles: After Your SAFe Agilist Certification

A SAFe Agilist can apply the Lean-Agile mindset to their management or leadership role. A SAFe Scrum Master, or even a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master, can facilitate and coach one or more Agile Teams within a SAFe organisation.

IS SAFe same as Agile? ›

SAFe Agile vs Agile differ significantly from one another. The amount of iterations they do is one of the most significant distinctions. In contrast to the Agile approach, which has no set time limit for iterations, SAFe is an iterative process with four iterations in a release plan.

Why is the SAFe exam so hard? ›

To ensure compliance with the SAFE Act, the test developers designed the test to be challenging. Some test takers don't fully understand or apply the key concepts necessary to pass. Test takers don't always devote a sufficient amount of time to study for the exam.

Why is the SAFe test so hard? ›

You're going to get 125 questions. You have no idea which 125 questions you're going to get. In fact, if you fail the exam and retake it, it's possible (and likely) that you can get an entirely different set of 125 questions! This is what makes it so difficult to master this exam.

What happens if you fail SAFe exam? ›

What happens if you fail the NMLS Safe exam? If an individual fails the test, they have to wait 30 days before being eligible to retake the exam. If they fail three times, the waiting period is six months!

Can you use a calculator on the safe exam? ›

No, you are not permitted to bring a calculator into the exam room. Instead, the testing center will provide you with a basic calculator to use for the exam.

Is the safe exam multiple choice? ›

Each test component consists exclusively of 4-part multiple choice questions. Each of the four possible answers in each question is designed to be plausible, but only one of them is correct.

How can I get out of a safe exam? ›

If an error appears that says "Third Party Application Not Found," just click OK. 6. To exit the Safe Exam Browser, press and hold down F4, then while holding down F4, press and hold down F9, then while holding down both F4 and F9, press and hold down F6 for a second or two.

What is the highest paying safety job? ›

High Paying Safety Manager Jobs
  • HSE Advisor. Salary range: $70,000-$168,000 per year. ...
  • Corporate Safety Director. Salary range: $108,500-$139,500 per year. ...
  • Regional Ehs Manager. Salary range: $101,500-$133,000 per year. ...
  • Chief Safety Officer. ...
  • Regional Safety Manager. ...
  • Corporate Safety Manager. ...
  • HSE Manager. ...
  • Safety Director.

How much do Amazon SAFe people make? ›

Average Safety Specialist yearly pay in the United States is approximately $52,664, which is 21% below the national average.

How many people are SAFe certified? ›

SAFe is a promising career path, as it's been trained by over 700,000 people.

Is SAFe still Agile? ›

SAFe is not Agile

By now many of the ways SAFe is inconsistent with an Agile mindset should be pretty clear. It's plan focused, bureaucratic, complicated, includes a lot of often unnecessary process, dis-empowers team autonomy, and more.

Is the SAFe exam timed? ›

Once you start your exam, a timer* will begin and will continue until you complete the exam. If you do not complete the exam in the allotted time, the exam will end and be scored with the existing answers. Exiting the exam does not pause the timer. *SAFe exams are either 90 minutes or 120 minutes.

Is training mandatory for SAFe Agilist? ›

It is necessary for the candidate to complete the 2-day training course before he or she is able to take the SAFe exam to become certified SAFe Agilist. The training is very beneficial for the candidate as it will help him or her to understand the concepts of SAFe Framework and how to apply them in an organization.

Which SAFe certificate is best? ›

Some of the top SAFe certifications include:
  • SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE)
  • SAFe® Architect.
  • SAFe® Agilist / Leading SAFe.
  • SAFe® DevOps Practitioner.
  • SAFe® Program Owner/ Program Manager.
  • SAFe® Scrum Master.
  • SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master.
  • SAFe® Practitioner / SAFe® for teams.
21 Sept 2021

How much is the SAFe Agilist exam? ›

The SAFe Agilist Certification Cost in India is between INR 55K to INR 60K + GST and other applicable taxes from any registered training provider.

What is leading SAFe certification? ›

Leading SAFe® offers you an introduction to the foundations of SAFe, and provides the principles and practices to drive your Lean-Agile transformation with confidence. The course also offers the guidance and tools you need to lead effectively in remote environments with distributed teams.

How long is a sprint in SAFe agile? ›

Timeboxing and Sprints – Scrum work is completed within distinct time periods (aka timeboxes) of two to four weeks, called a sprint (SAFe refers to it as an iteration). The two-week sprint is most common, so we'll use that for illustration throughout this article.

What are 4 levels of SAFe agile? ›

SAFe Full Configuration consists of four levels: Team, Program, Large Solution and Portfolio.

Is SAFe agile in demand? ›

It adds a lot of weight to your resume and is much in demand across the globe. SAFe certification empowers you with an in-depth understanding of terminology and processes, and you get to know various aspects of working in a scaled agile organization which will not be possible without a certification.

Does SAFe use Scrum or Kanban? ›

Details. Most Agile Teams use SAFe ScrumXP as their primary method to deliver value. However, some teams have a rapid and uneven arrival of work and fast-changing priorities that lowers the value of detailed planning. These teams often choose SAFe Team Kanban as their operating model.

What are the three pillars of scrum in SAFe? ›

The three pillars of empiricism at the base of the Scrum framework are: transparency, inspection, adaptation.

What is the most respected scrum certification? ›

The Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) is the highest-level certification on the product development track offered by the Scrum Alliance.

Is SAFe the same as CSM? ›

CSM certification is for the candidates who want to grow their understanding of Scrum and learn some basic concepts of Agile. SAFe Scrum Master is for the professionals who want to learn the basics of how to coordinate work and scale in a large organization along with a large number of teams.

Which is better PMP or Agile? ›

There is no “Agile PMP vs traditional PMP” certification. Both have incredible professional value, and in fact, the best approach is one in which the project manager or project professional does work to gain knowledge in both traditional and Agile project work.

Is working in Agile stressful? ›

Agile can be stressful. Yes, really. Any time you embrace change, change happens. And change can be stressful, especially when it happens all the time.

Is Agile fail fast? ›

What is fail fast? Fail fast is the principle of freely experimenting and learning while trying to reach the desired result. By quickly finding the failures, you can catapult learning and optimize solutions instantly to reach your goal. The concept of fail fast is strongly connected to the Agile methodology.

How long does it take to prepare for SAFe certification? ›

The SAFe Agilist certification process has a training course that lasts for two days. This training will help the candidate understand and process the SAFe framework to prepare them for the SAFe Agilist certification exam.

What are the first 4 steps of preparations towards getting certified? ›

4 Steps to Certification
  • Step 1: Choose Your IT Certification. ...
  • Step 2: Get Familiar With Your IT Certification Exam. ...
  • Step 3: Begin Learning and Training for Your Exam. ...
  • Step 4: Register and Take Your Certification Exam.

Is SAFe Agile exam open book? ›

Attempt the Safe Agilist Exam

It is a “closed book” exam, which means that external materials (including SAFe® websites or training materials) or help cannot be used during the exam. As mentioned above, once the exam starts, it must be finished within 90 minutes.

How many times can you take the SAFe practice exam? ›

You can take the practice test as many times as you need to feel prepared for the actual exam.

What is most important skill when preparing for a certification exam? ›

Practice Makes Perfect

The best preparation for a professional certification exam is hands-on training or practical experience because it's the most effective way to get an in-depth understanding of IT concepts. Retaining knowledge and recalling it when needed is easy when you understand techniques.

What is the best way to study for a certification? ›

Consider these test-taking strategies:
  1. Prepare in advance. Avoid cramming. ...
  2. Make a study schedule. ...
  3. Be selective about what you study. ...
  4. Quiz yourself periodically. ...
  5. Create a study group. ...
  6. Read each item carefully. ...
  7. Attempt to answer every item. ...
  8. Skip questions if you need to.

How do you study for certifying exams? ›

1. Use Common Exam Tips
  1. Prepare for exam day. ...
  2. Read the question, every word. ...
  3. Learn to identify distractors and to ignore them, as they have nothing to do with the question.
  4. Eliminate the obviously wrong answers first, then consider what's remaining.
  5. Consider reading the answers first, then the question.


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